Eq&D provides financial advisory services to bidders in tenders.

Tender Phase:

  • Bid documentation revision.
  • Project risk analysis.
  • Elaboration of the Financial Model and financial bid documentation required by the Tender Administration.
  • Identification and analysis of the financing alternatives (bank financing, bond issuance with or without monoline wrap, EIB participation, ICO, bridge financing, contingent equity, etc…)
  • Kickoff meeting with the potential lenders
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Equity / Debt leverage best choice
  • Get a Term Sheet from the potential lenders with the higher commitment from their side

  • Financial closing Phase:

  • Definition of the best financial solution according to the bid awarded and update of the financial model
  • Definition of the independent advisors’ scope of work and bids request from them (technical advisor, insurance advisor, legal counsel and financial model auditor mainly)
  • Coordination and gathering of the bids from the different advisors. Collaboration with the Consortium in making the best choice and mandating them.
  • Gather, analyze and discuss the drafts and final reports from the different advisors.
  • Information Memorandum production.
  • Dealing with Rating Agencies in order to obtain qualification from them in case it is required (bond issuance, monoline or EIB participation).
  • Assisting the Consortium on the definitive financial structure until financial closing is reached.